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Brand reinforcement is so important for a company’s identity and strength. JPR were approached to develop and manufacture this custom chandelier to represent the CDP logo.


Throughout this process JPR had to overcome various challenges. The first challenge being the shallow profile depth (25mm x 25mm), and then the diffuser material.
After many iterations JPR were able to manufacture a completely custom profile that met the depth requirement while also providing uniform illumination.

JPR manufactured custom dyes for the profile and custom moulds for the silicone diffuser. The client wanted the profile to have a 50/50 ratio from profile and diffuser as this would provide a 3-sided illumination. Silicone allowed the flexibility required to follow the sharp bends within this striking logo design.


The concept was to produce the structure in an exploded style to create illusion and provide depth to the space.

Positioned in the forefront of the reception area and surrounded by glass architecture, the design gave impact for all visitors with this statement logo design. Reinforcing the companies identity right from arrival.


This particular logo represented challenges with tight radii. Custom samples were created using bespoke mouldings by JPR for proof of concept and client sign off.


Using a bespoke 50/50 ratio of powder coated aluminium housing and RGBW illumination, presented the client with the sleek yet delicate finish they desired. 

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