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JPR Lighting has been designing and manufacturing custom feature lighting for the commercial industry since 2005 and during this time we have become specialists in the bespoke lighting world.  Over the years we have predominantly used a range of metals to fabricate our fittings. We have seen a gap in the market for a more sustainable material that still offers luxury and is perfectly suited for the high-end environments we work within. 


Introducing hardwood lighting. Harwood lighting started as a personal project for Managing Director, Paul Rayner, bringing lumber from outside back into his home, creating bespoke furniture and beautiful one of a kind light rafts and pendants. After trialling this material within the home and perfecting the process, the JPR team decided to introduce this biodegradable, highly sustainable and renewable material as an option for our custom projects. Offering hardwood as a material option to all JPR Lighting sectors, including commercial, high end residential, retail, and hospitality lighting projects. After seeing the positive response from our client base, we made the decision to invest in our own CNC machinery, giving us the capability to manage the entire process in house, from the initial design through to manufacture and assembly. We source the lumber locally from a saw mill we have partnered with and have an internal design team that is dedicated to developing our clients’ projects to the highest standard.


Paul says, “Seeing the process through and working with this living material has been an achievement and experience like no other”. During our works, clients have visited, questioned, and specified JPR Lighting for some unique designs using our hardwood as the material option for their custom lighting project. Our hardwood designs size and shape is solely down to the limits of your imagination. Join us on this adventure and help turn our lighting industry into a more sustainable and eco-friendly one, with locally sourced materials grown here in Hampshire UK.


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JPR Lighting 3.jpg
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