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St James Market_lightbox2.jpg
St James Market_lightboxes2.jpg
Screenshot 2024-03-12 at 11.40.51.png


The St James’ Market project is a stunning collaborative example. Specific design requirements to incorporate a KvadvatTM outer fabric were essential to the client. To achieve this the design and manufacturing teams at JPR Lighting had to develop a series of lightbox mock ups ensuring a tailored solution was introduced.

Execution of this project seamlessly integrated the bespoke lighting elements with the interior furnishings and environment.

At JPR Lighting it is our philosophy to understand our client’s needs, and if necessary work with them to develop and refine a solution that retains the original attributes of their vision. We like to think that anything is possible within the creative process as when cross disciplines collaborate the results can be both surprisingly unexpected, and quite special.

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