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Steeped in history, 1 St Martins Le Grande was originally built in the 18th century. It boasts marble architectural details and high end finishes throughout. JPR were commissioned to develop custom lighting solutions. The bespoke lighting scheme for this project incorporated two variations of unique pendants and a bespoke solution to illuminate the existing marble architectural columns. When design visuals were presented to JPR, JPR worked alongside the architects to develop solutions that met both the visual and functional requirements of the project.

The bespoke cone pendants were required to be in both wall mounted and suspended design options to cohesively compliment each other when featured throughout the space.
The bespoke suspended pendants above the reception desk featured H:1750mm with an apex of 30mm to 200mm tapered diameter. 
This same deign was replicated throughout the wall mounted cones. JPR presented various mounting styles for clients approval into the stone. Mounted in such a way to create a height of 3500mm, these pendants give a varying yet united visual aesthetic to the suspended solutions.

A powder coat finish was applied to all in matt black giving a sophisticated, timeless finish to the high spec architecture surround.

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